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          We would like to inform all press agencies and journalists willing to participate in the events of the Arab Summit which is to be held in Baghdad for the period 27-29 / March/ 2012, the ability to obtain entry visa by visiting the Arab Summit website                                 (www.arabsummit.iq), which contains application forms for accrediting journalists abroad, these applications should be filled and sent to the two following e-mail addresses :

(mofasum2@mofaml.gov.iq) and (info@arabsummit.iq)


Note: Requests sent to only one of the e-mail addresses would be neglected   

Furthermore, and for the purpose of organizing arrivals and bookings for press delegations:

1-    Press delegations are exempted from visa entry fees.

2-    The charge for each room per night is (250 US dollars) for the following Hotels :

-         Palestine Meridian Hotel

-         Baghdad Hotel

-         Melia Man sour Hotel

-         Babylon Hotel

3-    Prices for private hotels would be arranged between parties involved.

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Applying for a Visa to Iraq

Embassy's e-mail address:  iraqiconsul@iraqembassy.se

Embassy's e-mail address: ambassador.office@iraqembassy.se







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